Our Company

Each neuron in your brain is linked to other neurons through a long, thin cable where electrical impulses travel. This cable is called an “axon” — the namesake of our company.

From advisory work since 2015 to a novel medical device concept, AXXON seeks to bring thoughtful minds together to enhance wellness, further the life sciences, and promote access to healthcare through technology. One of the central tenets of the vision is that a number of social and global issues, from skewed incarceration rates to the opioid epidemic and worse health outcomes can ultimately be addressed through innovation and enterprise.

Whether through optimizing telehealth for orthopedics, reducing emergency room throughput, or tackling alternatives to pain control through technology such as neuromodulation, at AXXON, the goal is simple. We bring together a diversified team of medical, legal, and computer science professionals and entrepreneurs in order to turn problems into solutions and opportunities into reality.